Invite a Customer

Invite your best customers and prospects to attend the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting Exhibits for free! Trade show studies demonstrate that attendees are more likely to attend an event when personally invited by an exhibiting company.

As an exhibitor, you can log into your dashboard and under "Booth Promotion", choose the "Invite a Customer" icon, and invite your customers to the show with a complimentary Preferred Buyers Pass.

Just follow a few simple steps and you can send your customer an e-mail directly with a link that allows them to register using the Preferred Buyers Pass. They will need to enter the Promotional Code when they register for the event in order to receive a complimentary Exhibit Hall-only registration badge.

Note: Exhibit Hall-only guests are not allowed on the Exhibit Floor on Friday night. If an exhibitor needs to see someone on Friday evening they can purchase a full-conference or one-day registration for them.

Log In and Password information have been sent to each exhibitor. If you have any questions or problems accessing this site, please call 708/486-0706 for Customer Service.